Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Own Home in Sedona, AZ

Are you considering selling your home in Sedona, AZ, without a real estate agent? While this is possible, you must be prepared, as the process can be complicated and time-consuming.

In this article, I provide a comprehensive guide on how to sell your own home in Sedona, AZ, from preparing your home all the way to closing.

Getting Started

The process of selling your own home without the help of a listing agent is called for sale by the owner or “FSBO.”

In this scenario, you assume the responsibilities that would typically fall to your realtor. This includes pricing the home, arranging showings, and negotiating the deal.

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Preparing Your Home

The first step in preparing your home for sale is to address needed repairs and maintenance.

As an FSBO seller in Sedona, AZ, getting a home inspection before listing your home and addressing issues upfront would give potential buyers peace of mind when making an offer.

Cleaning and decluttering your home before putting it on the market can increase its resale value. It will also be advantageous to stage your home, as doing this will help buyers envision how each space could be used.

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And lastly, consider sprucing up your landscaping, painting the front door an eye-catching color, or having your home’s windows professionally cleaned. This will add curb appeal to your property and attract buyers to your door.

As you will be doing all this without the advice of a real estate agent, you may want to invite your friends and family over and ask for their honest opinion of how the house looks.

Pricing Your Home

Pricing your home is one of the most difficult aspects of the home-selling process.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, there are online home value estimators, called automated valuation models (AVMs), that make it easier to arrive at a reliable figure to start with.

These tools are quite user-friendly, but bear in mind that their algorithms only rely on the information available.

A professional appraiser or real estate agent who can visit your home in person, assess the neighborhood, and perform thorough market research will give you a more accurate fair market value of your property.

Marketing Strategies

Now that your home is in its best condition and you have decided on the optimal pricing, the next step is to create an online listing on your local market’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

MLS is typically only available to real estate agents, but there are services that will list your Sedona FSBO home on the MLS for a fee.

Tips to Attract Your Target Buyers

  1. Write a compelling description of your home.
  2. Set an appropriate asking price.
  3. Include all the basic information about your property: age, square footage, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  4. Highlight unique selling points, such as a swimming pool or unique view.
  5. Add information about the neighborhood and school district.
  6. Add quality listing photos.

Consider getting professional photos taken for your listings. A professional photographer will be able to capture each room of your home from the best angle and showcase them in their entirety.

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In addition to professional photography, you may also want to add drone photography, video walk-throughs, and floor plan imaging to enhance your FSBO listing.

Host Open Houses

Hosting open houses is a great way to get many potential buyers through your front door.

Open houses offer an efficient way to allow several buyers to tour your home in a short amount of time. This can also motivate buyers to take action and give you an offer.

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Be sure to prepare for these questions:

  • How old is the roof?
  • How old are the major mechanicals? (furnace, air conditioning unit, water heater)
  • Where are the lot lines?
  • Is there an HOA? If so, are there any costs? What are the requirements?
  • Does the basement leak?
  • What is this neighborhood like?
  • What are the utility expenses?
  • Why are you selling your home?

Negotiation Techniques

As a FSBO seller in Sedona, AZ, you’ll be responsible for negotiating a contract you’re satisfied with.

Some of the factors to be discussed are the home sale price, the buyer’s closing costs, and which contingencies will be included in the contract.

Some of the Top Points of Negotiation You May Encounter


Buyers may ask for the offer to be contingent on certain factors like the sale of their existing home or their ability to obtain financing.

Closing Costs

Both buyer and seller will have costs to shoulder at settlement. However, a buyer may request that you pay a portion of their closing costs.

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A buyer may ask you to make necessary repairs or give them monetary compensation if you decide to let them have these repairs done with their chosen contractor.

Closing Date

Closing dates can also be subject to negotiation, such as when a buyer needs time to secure financing, or you need additional time to move out.

Earnest Money

The earnest money deposit is typically a small amount that goes into an escrow account to show that the buyer is serious. This amount is negotiable, and it goes toward the purchase price.

Once you have come to terms with your buyer verbally, be sure to put the offer in writing using a residential real estate purchase contract. This purchase contract is a legally binding document that protects the interests of both the seller and the buyer by specifically outlining expectations prior to settlement.

To reduce the risk of errors for your sale, it is best to hire a real estate attorney, who will review the contract for you and provide legal advice on how to sell your own home in Arizona and the necessary steps in preparation for closing.

Closing the Deal

Real estate transactions in the state of Arizona are typically closed by escrow agents and title companies.

Arizona is a “dry funding” state. This means that the buyer and seller sign the necessary mortgage and title documents to close on the home, but the purchase is not funded at that time.

The word “dry” refers to waiting for the ink to proverbially dry before a deal is closed. This time provides an additional layer of protection to ensure that there are no issues with the transaction.


There you have it – everything you need to consider when selling your own home in Sedona, AZ.

While this article may provide you with a helpful guide, the best way to ensure a smooth real estate selling process is to hire a real estate professional.

If you decide to hire a realtor to help sell your home, feel free to contact me at 928-963-4855 or victoria@sedonaluxuryhomes.com to schedule an appointment. With my experience in real estate and familiarity with the area, I can help you sell your home at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of April 2024, 25% of homes in Sedona were sold within 30 days, 50% of homes were sold within 30 to 90 days, and 25% of homes were sold over 90 days.

No, you can sell your home without the help of a realtor. However, hiring a real estate agent can ensure a smooth process that will give you the best sale price for your home.

Creating an online listing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to attract buyers to your home for sale.

Yes, both buyer and seller will incur closing costs.